October 19, 2016

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Ultimate Halloween Makeup

You’ve got your Halloween costume, finalized your look (well more or less), now here’s what you’ll need – Halloween makeup. Find some awesome Halloween makeup stuff that’ll add the final zing to your Halloween look.

Snazaroo Halloween Face Painting Kit

Get 8 color pallet, sponge, brush, make-up tips, ideas & designs and makeup-removal tips.


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Makers Halloween Metallic Glitter Makeup Set

Just the colors and glitter you need to enhance your look. Work on your eye makeup or use it as face paint to highlight your makeup.

$3.49 $6.99 Save $3.50

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Blacklight Makeup Green Glow Costume Accessory

Get backlight makeup in green glow. Also available in pink glow variant.

$6.21 $9.99 Save $3.78



Zombie Makeup Facial Appliance Costume Accessory Kit

Ultimate zombie makeup kit. Zombie mask make of high quality latex to give a near-real look. Includes translucent powder, adhesives, sponge, applicator brush, 8 color makeup pallet, stipple sponges and removers.

$34.44 $54.99 Save $20.55

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L.A. Colors Lip Color, Vampy

Here’s the lipstick that will add a sexy charm to your seductress vamp or witch look.

$1.88 $2.49 Save $0.61

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Makers Halloween False Eyelashes With Gemstones

False eyelashes accented with tiny rhinestones to add that jazz to your look.

$3.49 $6.99 Save $3.50

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Makers Halloween Web False Eyelashes With Spider

Spider eyelashes with a spider accent. Can be a great accent with spider or witch costume. Get original and create a new look.

$3.49 $6.99 Save $3.50

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Makers Halloween False Eyelashes With Outer Feather

Works beautifully well with beast or bird costumes

$3.49 $6.99 Save $3.50

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L'Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color, Infallible Red

Your ultimate Halloween tool – get blood marks or stains on almost anything.

$9.99 $12.99 Save $3.00

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