September 28, 2018

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Fashion Ought to be Without Guilt

Are you downright obsessed with fashion? Every time you resolve not to buy on impulse, you find something that calls out to you, and you can’t help but snap up? Are you guilty of your fast fashion purchases? Well, don’t be.

Irrespective of your paycheck, money is a touchy subject. And even touchier is the topic of overspending. We don’t want to talk about it ever. No one wants to be told they cannot spend on what they love. But the fact remains most of us go into debt feeding our fashion OCD. Wait, does that mean we stop buying? That doesn’t sound like much of a solution, does it? Heck NO.

If you are facing this, here are some useful tips that will help you keep your passion alive without burning holes in your wallet. Tips for smart fashion spending – read on.


Yes, you must have heard this a zillion times, but actually do it for once. Do it with a slight twist though. Don’t budget to save, budget to spend.

Once you’ve accounted for all essential regulars like rent, gas, groceries etc., keep some for contingencies too (you will thank yourself the day your car breaks down, or something in the house comes apart, or something else unplanned and unbudgeted for happens), you will know how much you can actually spend. The best part, if you stick to the budget, there’ll be no guilt. Just go and buy that sweater honey.


It would be a good idea to make a priority list as per your taste and style. In general, the list should contain three sections – bargain, invest and rent. Bargain section should consist of fashion basics like a black pencil skirt, white t-shirt, denim shorts, casuals, accessories etc. Buy these things on sale, find a good bargain. The second section would be ‘invest’, which should consist of items that are exclusive, and you should invest in them. Include things like shoes, designer dresses etc. Third and the last section is ‘rent’. Think of things you would not need on a regular basis, like a designer evening gown that you wore to the ball once, or maybe the cocktail dress you wore to a party once or maybe twice. Don’t buy these things, they unnecessarily block funds, rent them.


Delete shopping apps and download coupon apps instead. Shopping apps make buying so tempting that it would be hard to resist. Coupon apps on the other hand, help you save. Most coupon apps will notify you when an item in your wish-list goes on sale.


Yes, without the cards or cash. This way you would window shop all the stores. At the end of it, you will know what you really need, and what you don’t. This will also help control impulse purchases that more often than not, you regret later.


Before every season, make sure you clean your closet. This will help you sort out stuff you have, and you’ll know what you need. Don’t forget to do away with items you won’t need anymore.


If you are about to dispose of some of your old stuff, keep the regular items for charity. Put up the exquisite and designer pieces for sale. There are websites that allow you to put up your used stuff for sale.


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