September 23, 2018

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One Dress for All Occasions

A different dress for every occasion, a different dress for every party, special dress for evening out, day out, work, pleasure and so on. There seems to be no end to it. While women ponder with the idea of getting the perfect dress for every occasion, I have been for a while trying to, let’s just say it, keep it simple. So, here’s the idea – how about one dress that fits every occasion?

If you would choose that one dress for all occasions, what would that be? Here are a few options you could consider:

The White/Pastel Dress

With a white dress you would never be over dressed or under dressed. A white dress will never fail you. Whether it’s a date in the evening or girls’ day out, a white dress will never fail to wow people. Pair it with dress heels or casual flats to suit the mood and place. Take a shrug or denim jacket to make it look perfect for a casual occasion. Although, if you are attending a wedding, you might want to avoid white, or add a good dash of color to it.

Little Black Dress

From work to parties, to dates, this dress can be the savior of you are running short of time or energy to plan a dress. You can choose to add peals for a classier look, scarf for adding a dash of color and flirtation to the dress, or with a cashmere or jacket to make the look absolutely effortless.

Pencil Dress

More like the LBD, the pencil dress can make you fit in every occasion and place. Pair it with pearls, chunky neckpieces, scarf or shrug, and of course the right shoes, and you’ll be all perfectly dressed for the occasion, whatever it be.

Leather Pants with a Variety of Tops

Leather pants with a dressy blouse, or off shoulder sweater or a well fitted cashmere, or merino-wool top, whatever suits the occasion the best. Even halters would look great if weather permits. Having different tops to suit different occasions is also a great idea.

Some Helpful Tips:

If you are wondering about what to wear, a good start would be to check if the occasion is formal or casual. Match your shoes and accessories to suit the mood of the event. Also, you could choose to carry some bobby pins in your bag to quickly fix your hair to match your look. Carrying a red lipstick in your bag is also a good idea. You can quickly change the tone of your getup in case you feel underdressed. It’s important to choose the dress as per your body type, your personality and of course your personal style. If you are comfortable and confident in the dress that you are wearing, it’s perfect for you. While it’s a great idea to draw inspiration from celebrities, style gurus, always remember the dress and style you choose should make you feel like the best version of you.


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