September 29, 2018

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Things You Should Buy in October

Holiday season’s seeping in. A general mood for shopping also sets in. Precisely for the reason, October can be notoriously tricky with shopping.

Here’s a list of stuff you should buy (and stuff you shouldn’t buy) in October.

1.   Home Appliances (Other than refrigerators) - Companies launch new models for home appliances such as washers, dryers etc. during fall. Normally retailers mark down the older models. Fall weekends would have added discounts.

2.   Bicycles – Same thing applies to bicycles as well. During fall newer models are launched and older ones go on sale.

3.   Camping Gear – With winters creeping in, everything to do with outdoors goes on sale. If you are a camping enthusiast, snap up the opportunity.

4.   Lawn Mowers and Gardening Gear – If you need a new lawn mower, or your old one needs a replacement, now is the time. Since this time of the year there’ll be no gardening, stores often give good discounts on all this stuff.

5.   Grills and Barbeques: Since outdoors won’t be a very feasible option, these things also go on sale. Don’t wait too long, because the stock gets cleared up fast, and you might have to choose from the leftover pieces.

6.   Jeans – You’ll get some of the best discounts on jeans around this time of the year.

7.   Cookware and Kitchen Accessories – Old stock is discounted to make way for newer items for holidays. Get good deals during fall weekends and even better deals on cyber Monday and Black Friday.

8.   Toys – Retailers need to add new stock for Christmas. The old stock goes on sale.

9.   Wedding Stuff – Winter isn’t really the preferred time for weddings. From dresses to deals on venue and other stuff, you can save big if you start planning your wedding during fall.

Other than this, most of the other stuff become heavy in demand. But since retailers are fighting off tough competition, there will be sale on almost everything. More so, cyber Monday and black Friday make this month ideal for shopping.



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