October 22, 2018

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Fashion Tips That Can Save The Day

Having a bad wardrobe day? Most of do. Here are some God-sent (well, fashion has it’s Gods!) tips that can totally save the day and prevent you from becoming a fashion fiasco.

1.   Classics work. Every single time. A fawn trench coat, denim jacket, pencil skirt, white tee, depending on the occasion you can choose one of these if you are not sure of what to wear.

2.   With nude pumps, you can never go wrong. Colourful pumps are great, but they can be too dressy for some places. But nude pumps are like the ATM of shoes, work anywhere, anytime.

3.   When in doubt, layer up. If you are not sure of the way your blouse fits, or if your pant works, use layers to camouflage the defects. Scarves, shrugs, trench coats, jackets, stole – all can be classy cover-ups. Just use common sense of what colors and fabrics to layer with what. P.S. Layering works great in summer too.

4.     Accessorize right. Invest in jewelry just like you do in clothes. From classic must-haves like pearls, to chunky pieces, to semiprecious gemstones, the right accessory can boost up your outfit.

5.   Don’t do too many colors at one go. Either let a contrast color pop, or mix and match prints with plains, avoid having more than three colors at a time. Use the color-wheel for reference,

6.   Always pair up long tops with leggings, unless you are going to the gym.

7.   Wear the right innerwear. With tees and pencil skirts for instance, you would need seamless panty and bra.

8.   Work your hair to accentuate the outfit. Learn some hairstyles that suit your face and hair type. Sometimes hair can do wonders to your overall look.

9.   Show off skin selectively. If you are going for shorts or a mini skirt, cover up the top. If your top is skimpy, go for covered bottom. Too much skin is tacky.

10.                A pretty floral dress? Pair it with combat boots for a refreshingly different look.



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