October 11, 2018

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Healthy Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Healthy and nutritious food doesn’t necessarily come at a cost. Don’t believe us? Read on. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know how easy and workable a healthy diet is.

Healthy grocery that costs less:

Brown Rice

You can use brown rice as side dish for salads, casserole, stew etc. Plain brown rice also tastes great with soy sauce or with creamy squash and nuts.  You can also make a super healthy brown rice salad.

Diet Pasta

You get a whole variety of pasta in the market. You can choose whole wheat or even multi grain pasta. One of the healthiest ways to have pasta is having boiled pasta in salad with a generous serving of veggies. You can also have your pasta with seafood like shrimps, salmon, muscles etc. if you are a vegetarian, try adding white beans and boiled lentils.

Whole Wheat/Multigrain Bread

Make a veggie sandwich with whole wheat bread. You can also have boiled egg sandwich which is a wholesome meal with carbs and protein. Add light mayonnaise, if you have to. You can also have bread on the side of almost everything.


Lentils can be very versatile food. You can have boiled lentils and rice with your choice of herbs, or you can have it in stew. You can also make sprouts with lentils. To make sprouts, soak lentils overnight, then drain water and let the seeds germinate. Within a day you will see tiny shoots springing up. Your sprouts are ready. Now you can have sprouts in salad, soup, stew, casserole, almost anything.


Choose non-fat yogurt. You can have it as parfait with fruits and chia seeds, smoothies, seasonings, on the side with rice, or have it plain as a quick snack.

Fresh Greens and Seasonal Fruits

Go to the farmers market if you can. Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits are amongst the healthiest foods you can have and they are budget friendly as well. Exotic fruits are costly and not necessarily as healthy since they are not meant for local climate.


This food is also very versatile. Have oats with skimmed milk, granola, yogurt & fruits, or as crumb dressing for desserts. You can also grind oats into a fine powder and use it instead of flour for cakes, muffins, pancakes etc.


Eggs are one of the richest source of protein. If you are still very conscious, you can use just the egg white. Eggs can make a complete meal by themselves or can be a great accompaniment to any dish, breads, brown rice, salads or any other food.



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