October 08, 2018

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Everything You Want to Know About a Capsule Wardrobe

When it comes to your wardrobe, if you feel functionality works better than vanity, capsule wardrobe is your thing.

What’s a capsule wardrobe?

Simply put, it is the collection of fashion basics that can be paired with seasonal clothes and worn year round. These are essentials, the clothes you absolutely love wearing, and are very versatile. Although the list would change for everyone, here are some pieces that make for the wardrobe essentials for everyone.

1.         White tee,
2.         White tank
3.         Black tank
4.         Grey tank
5.         Black tee
6.         Sweat shirt
7.         Maxi dress
8.         Skirt
9.         Little black dress
10.      Black pencil skirt
11.      Denim shorts
12.      Jeans
13.      Trench coat
14.      Fitted cardigan
15.      Caddy pants
16.      Track pants
17.      Wool coat
18.      Blazer
19.      Sundress
20.      Turtle neck
21.      Black pants
22.      Casual boots
23.      Boots
24.      Nude pumps
25.      Black pumps
26.      Lace-up sandals
27.      Boots
28.      Silk shirt
29.      Silk camy
30.      Scarves

You can personalize this list to your taste. You don’t really have to stick to a number or necessarily make it lean, the idea is to have fun, do something new than what you have been doing all along.

Anyone can be a style diva with the latest designer clothes. But mixing and matching different pairs of same clothes, shows a really high style quotient. Another reason the capsule wardrobe works, you save so much money. If impulse buying is taking a toll on you, capsule wardrobe is the answer. If you are sick of looking at your wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear, perhaps it’s time to try out the capsule wardrobe for a while. For trying out just keep extra clothes locked away for a while. That will give you time to understand if capsule wardrobe works for you.

Even if you want to try out the capsule wardrobe just for the sake of doing something different, you must. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s definitely worth a shot.



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