October 13, 2018

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Thanksgiving Favors Your Guests Will Love

Planned a great Thanksgiving Dinner? Great. Now is a good time to plan Thanksgiving party favors, you’ve got to send your guests in style. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

1.  Homemade cookies packed in style

Homemade cookies would be a great gift (would cost reasonable too). If you are on time crunch, you can order cookies too. Just remember to pack in style.


2.  Love birds salt ’n’ pepper

These cute gifts will be loved by one and all. If your guests already have salt and pepper dispensers, these can make cote accents on the kitchen shelf. Simply adorable.

3.  A little Christmas Tree

Having a little Christmas tree alongside the big one can be such a cute idea. Besides, the little Christmas tree can adorn the house yearlong.


4.  Mason jar full of nuts or chocolates

This is a pretty common gift but works every time.


5.  Savories in a basket

This can be very versatile. You can make the gift for every budget and decorate it as much as you want. Get creative with it.

6.  Fruit spread

Add a fresh fruit along to make it more thoughtful and bigger.

7.  Scented Candles

Classy indeed. You can also make scented candles at home if you are keen. They don’t cost much as well. Here are a few ideas to make scented candles at home – How to make scented candles at home.



8.  Popcorn or corn

Healthy and tasty, corn are the perfect gift, especially for Thanksgiving. 

9.  Handmade soaps

A very thoughtful gift indeed. Packaging handmade soaps can be fun too. Here’s how you can make soap at home – Make soap at home

10.  Thanksgiving pies

Everyone loves pies. A pie would be the perfect takeaway after a lovely dinner. Sweet memories.




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