November 06, 2018

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Insanely Clever Gifts They’ll Love

Gifting troubles? Here’s a list of some really clever gifts that can be both useful and thoughtful gifts that people will love.

Frozen Dessert Maker

If you are thinking it’s a ‘mom’ gift, you’re in for a surprise. This super-cool gadget converts fruits into dessert or sorbet in no time. It’s fully automatic, hassle free and easy to clean. Kids, moms, fitness freaks, everyone will love it.

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Portable Power Bank

This will come in handy for anyone who uses a smart phone. It’s the size of a lipstick, can easily slip into a pocket or hand clutch.

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Fizz and Bubble Spa Bath Truffles

Everyone could use a little pampering every now and then. With spa inspired scents and moisturizing shea butter, these truffles fizz and bubble when submerged in water.  

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Bathtub Caddy

It’s not just about a luxurious bubble bath, it’s about a luxurious bubble bath with wine, a book and maybe some savories. Now that’s relaxation.

Velvet Jewelry Stand

A girl will love it. This will help her organize her jewelry, and every time she dresses up she’ll think of you. Isn’t that something!

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Faux Fur Scarf

Just perfect for a girl. It’s soft, cozy and cute. Best part, it’s faux fur, no animals were harmed for making this scarf.

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Sono Beam Soundbar

One of the most interesting home audio devices money can buy. It’s a sound bar that doubles up as smart speaker featuring Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay 2.   

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Wine Glasses

With wine glasses, you can never go wrong.  If you don’t want to buy anything too personal, wine glasses are the best bet.

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Plant Pot

This plant pot is a thoughtful yet not too personal gift. A dash of green can add refreshingly fresh look to the room. 

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Head Shower Speaker

Totally waterproof, this speaker connects to your phone. Enjoy music while you take a shower. 

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Desk Clock

This desk clock is really cool. It can add a dash of fun to any desk top, work or home.

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Waffle Maker

Love waffles? You are definitely going to love this waffle maker. Mo hassle, easy to clean, this waffle maker is just the perfect thing for a lazy weekend morning. 

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Cat Teapot

This teapot is so cute, that it’s a must-have. When it’s not serving tea, it can adorn the kitchen shelf. All marks to cuteness. 

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Yours and Mine Champagne Glasses

It’s both fun and classy at the same time. These champagne glasses are a great gift, even in formal occasions. 

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