November 02, 2018

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Thanksgiving Gifts – Great Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Here’s a whole bunch of interesting, clever, cute and thoughtful ideas for wrapping up those wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Hope you enjoy them.

Including a bit of nature

You can simply take a brown paper and include a little fresh green wreath, or add some pine cone or twigs to make it look so pretty and so earthy.

Craft Paper Accents

Get creative with paper. Paper flowers. Paper ribbons. Paper accents. All of them look pretty cool.


The super-cool Japanese art of wrapping gifts in cloth; eco-friendly and convenient.



Japanese art again, but this time it’s paper. Very creative and very classy.

Hand painted wrapping paper

Hand paint your wrapping paper, add some accents to it, and you are ready to go.

Jute wrapping

Jute for the ultimate classy look.

Chalkboard paper

Take chalkboard paper and write on it or make designs or just doodle. It looks pretty cool.




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