November 28, 2018

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What Are You Thankful For

Made your gratitude list yet? Well, here’s my list of things that touch me in ways big and small, and I truly am thankful for all of it. Hope this inspires you. And yes, you’re welcome!

I am Thankful for:

1.    Remote control for my TV
2.    Memory foam
3.    A place that can keep me warm - home
4.    My laptop that sees me through all my folly and sanity
5.    Internet
6.    Google
7.    Uber
8.    Pinterest and the ideas people ‘pin’
9.    Slow cookers
10.  Recipe books
11.  Hot chocolate
12.  Woolen socks
13.  Scented candles
14.  My gift and job to ‘write’
15.  Ice-cream
16.  Music, all sorts
17.  A few good books (well, choose yours here)
18.  Actual, physical greeting cards
19.  Coupons that get extra discount on sale
20.  Freebies
21.  Parfaits and the free mason jars they come in
22.  Fridays
23.  And eventually weekends
24.  Jujubes
25.  Being connected and being detached, and the ability to choose
26.  My smart phone’s camera
27.  My car that’s old but still runs
28.  My trainer, who’ll bring in sanity no matter what
29.  Delivery food
30.  Sweatpants
31.  ‘Undo’ option in computers
32.  Snooze button in alarms
33.  The Impractical Jokers
34.  The stranger with kind eyes and friendly smile on the Subway
35.  Payday
36.  Flowers, especially white lilies
37.  Friends who hug, and mean it too
38.  Being able to laugh till it hurts
39.  A warm shower that can fix anything
40.  Every sunrise and every sunset
41.  My dog, my best buddy ever
42.  Pizza
43.  My sinful cup of coffee
44.  Diet pies
45.  Air, water, rain and sunshine
46.  Nature’s bounty
47.  Fall colors
48.  Organic fruits and veggies
49.  Health that permits me to eat turkey and pie
50.  Sleep and dreams
51.  Hope, no matter what
52.  Dad’s bear hug
53.  My mom’s lap where I can still lay my head
54.  My beautiful, adorable daughter
55.  All I can call mine



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