December 10, 2020

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Hair Heat Styling Hacks You Must Know

Heat styling can do wonders to your hair, turning your look from frizzy, untamed hair to beautiful, flowing locks. But that also depends on whether you yield your heat styling tools, the curling rod, blow dryers and hair irons correctly. If you do not do it right, chances are you may actually damage your hair over time. That said, using these products is no rocket science, just a little care and you’re good to go.


How to pick the right temperature setting?


You’re in a rush. You just pick up your heat styling tool and get started. This is sure short way to damaged hair. You should always adjust the temperature setting on your curling rod or hair iron  before actually using it on your hair.


Although, it is highly recommended that you ask your hair stylist for the kind of temperature that best suits your hair, some general rules are also handy at times. For flowing hair and color treated hair, the temperature setting should be low to maintain the shine. A high temperature setting can make the hair dry or your hair might fall flat. Once your hair has become somewhat tamed, bring the temperature down and then resume styling. Over exposure to heat may damage your hair.


Dry your hair before styling it


Styling wet hair is a big NO. Having taking the head bath, blow-dry your hair, then start with the curling rod or iron. When you put we hair in hot tools for styling, the water’s temperature increases, often beyond boiling point, water dries out leaving hair fried. This also affects elasticity of hair making it brittle and damaged.


Use heat protectant on your hair every time you are blow drying it. Direct heat is bad for your hair.


Do not over do the heat


Most people make this mistake. While styling hair, they take one section and repeatedly work on it. Just do it until your hair starts to hold up. This also happens when people run the iron or curler a bit too soon. Then to het the desired result, they redo the sections. Redoing again and again is a sure short way to hair damage. The lesser your hair’s exposure to heat, the lesser the chances of damage.


Condition, condition, condition


Styling your hair actually begins with hair wash. The day you will be styling your hair, make sure you deep condition your hair. Use a hair mask  if you can. And also make sure you apply hair serum. Also, don’t forget to treat your hair with warm oil every once in a while.


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