December 20, 2020

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Beauty Habits That Will Transform Your Skin

If you thought that the occasional facial or your new BB cream was enough for beauty, you need to think again. Beauty is a ritual, a routine that you rigorously adhere to, every single day. You may start your day with your coffee and chores, at night it is important to cleanse the body and mind of the filth gathered during the day, help restore what’s inherently good and give ourselves the love and care to heal throughout the night.


Here are a few tips for a good night beauty routine.


Concentrate on wellness, not just beauty


Do you know most of the skin problems like dark circles, baggy eyes, wrinkles etc., all of these can also be caused by stress. When you are stressed your body produces cortisol, also called the stress hormone. High amounts of cortisol are known expedite aging by breaking down skin’s collagen and forming wrinkles. So, don’t just concentrate on your face, also work on your mind, concentrate on overall wellness.


Put aromatherapy candles that relax the mind and body. 


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Take a warm shower. Hydrate your skin with a light relaxing body oil or a soothing body lotion as per your skin type 



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This is the perfect time to heal acne and blemishes of your facial skin. Use acne reliefpads to remove dirt and unclog skin. Apply a moisturizer to suit your skin type. 


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Having done this, most of your stress will simply fade away. There are variety of products available in the market, from firming masques to radiance gels to skin serums. If you are not sure what product will be the best for you, ask your beauty/salon/spa professional.


Some people are also known to take collagen supplements, in form of collagen creamers, or collagenlattes. The collagen in these supplements helps repair and beautify skin, nails and hair. But again, before blindly following this trend, we would strongly suggest that you do your research, ask your doctor and check for allergies or other latent effects from these supplements.





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