December 24, 2020

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True Spirit of Christmas: Random Acts of Kindness Ideas


No Christmas gatherings, family gettogethers or office parties? Here’s how you can celebrate this Christmas in a more fulfilling way – doing random acts of kindness.


1.    Deliver Christmas goodies to the homeless shelter.

2.    Visit a home for the seniors. Spend time talking to them, singing songa or even playing something with them.

3.    Bake cookies for an old lady or man living alone in your neighborhood.

4.    Leave nice notes on random cars in a parking.

5.    Buy a hot chocolate for the doorman.

6.    Pick up the litter in a park.

7.    Feed someone’s parking meter.

8.    Contact your childhood teacher and thank them.

9.    Buy stuff from the farmer’s market and donate it.

10.  Buy food and lemonade from a cart.

11.  Donate school supplies to a school.

12.  Donate food and blankets to an animal shelter.

13.  Donate a book to the library.

14.  Bake a cake for someone.

15.  Call your old aunt.

16.  Buy flowers for an old woman.

17.  Sing and entertain at a pediatric cancer ward.

18.  Clear the snow off for an elderly couple.

19.  Hand a hot coffee to some random person walking down the street.

20.  Take a few poor kids to McDonalds.

21.  Bake muffins for a janitor you know.

22.  Buy a dessert for your server.

23.  Make a meal for a nurse you know.

24.  Make a ‘thank you’ card for a doctor.

25.  Leave quarters at the laundromat.

26.  Give a positive feedback for the assistant in a store.

27.  Take balloons and thank the officers in your nearest police station.

28.  Leave candies in your mailbox for your mail man.

29.  Sit and have a conversation with an old man in a cafĂ©.

30.  Smile a lot, you deserve some kindness too.






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