July 21, 2020

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Tips To Help Your Perfume Last Long & Strong

In the whole daily beauty routine, fragrance seems like the easiest part, just a spritz or two and you’re done. That’s a common mistake most of us make. Scents are delicate and often have more than a note, and if not applied right, you might be disrupting the course of notes of the scent. In short, you might not be getting the value of the money you spent on that expensive perfume. Here’s how you should use your perfume to get the course of the fragrance right and get the worth of every cent spent.

  • The correct way of applying perfume
This is where most people get it wrong. Applying perfume on your neck and wrists and then rubbing the wrists together is the wrong way of doing it. Perfume should be applied on all the pulse points of the body. The pulse points have blood pumps closer to the skin surface, making the skin warmer at these specific points. Since perfume is activated by body heat, the pulse points are the ideal place to apply perfume.

The pulse points include wrists, behind the ears, bottom of throat, inside of the elbow and behind the knees. Spritz the perfume on your pulse points to get the maximum results. Do not rub the wrists vigorously after applying perfume, the friction can destroy the top and middle notes of the perfume, leaving just the base note.

  • The correct way of storing perfume
Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can alter the chemical bonds in the perfume, disrupting the fragrance. The ideal way of storing your perfume is in a dark place with room temperature varying between 16 to 23 degrees Celsius, which implies that if you switch the aircon on and off often, your room is not the ideal place for your perfume, your bathroom can be. Needless to say, do not expose your perfume to direct sunlight, on window sills of shelves close to window, this will break the perfume.

Also, do not carry your perfume in your purse or handbag. This not only exposes your perfume to varying temperatures, but also subjects it to excessive vibration/movement which breaks down and disrupts the fragrance. If you must, but small one time use, or purse packs for carrying a perfume along.

  • Applying perfume for maximum results
Perfume works best on hydrated skin. This is the reason many perfumes come with their accompanying body lotion that compliments the scent and enhances it. If you use a body lotion that has a strong scent of its own, the perfume will obviously not work the way it’s meant to. For best results, apply a little Vaseline to the pulse points before spritzing your perfume on.

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