March 21, 2021

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Some of The Best Easter Eggs You Can Buy

Easter’s just around the corner. Whether you are attending online mass at the church, meeting up with your family on zoom call or having a contact-less Easter basket exchange activity, the good part is that chocolate eggs are going to be real.


Here are some of the best chocolate eggs for an amazing Easter, pandemic or not.


Reese’s Eggs 

Reese’s has a wide variety of chocolate eggs. From peanut butter eggs to whitecream peanut butter eggs to mini Reester Bunnies to peanutbutter golden eggs and the very popular shake and break milk chocolate Easter eggs. No one does peanut butter better than Reese’s. So if you are a peanut butter fan, this is your thing.


Cadbury Eggs


Cadbury also offers a huge variety of eggs. Along with the popular mini eggs, enjoy the smooth, silky taste of milk chocolate mini eggs, mini crème Easter Eggs, caramel filled eggs, shimmermilk chocolate eggs and dark chocolate eggs. Oreo also has an interesting range of Easter eggs. Choose from the Easter cookies and cream eggs, the limited edition Oreo Easter egg or the Easter cookies and crème bunny




Your favorite M&Ms have a very interesting range for Easter. There the milk chocolate filled Easter egg , milk chocolate speckled eggs, mystery mix bag,

Almond Easter eggs and the adorable Easter cane. Why M&Ms is a must add to the Easter basket? Well, kids can keep enjoying it for days in their cereal, desserts and milk.


Junior Mints 


Love the minty chocolaty flavor? These are your go to candies. Junior Mints have the Easter special Junior Mints Eggs or you could go for the regular Junior Mints, the dark chocolate filled with minty cream. Pretty hardcore though.




Ferrero’s crispy, crunchy, nutty texture combined with its smooth sweetness is out of this world. These lush Italian chocolates are loved by kids and adults alike. Choose from Easter chocolates including hazelnut eggs and caramel eggs. Instead of Easter basket, you can also choose from the egg shaped hazelnut chocolatebox or the adorable bunny shaped hazelnut chocolate box


Sweet Tarts 


The Sweet Tarts Easter pack is a true delight. Plastic eggs filled with children’s favorite Nerds, SweeTarts and Laffy Taffy candies. There’s a golden egg in each bag to add to the excitement of egg hunt.




The crispness of the eggshell and the delightful burst of flavorful chocolate make Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs a great choice for your Easter basket. The pastel colored speckled eggs look as awesome as they taste.




The iconic Hershey’s chocolate in a variety of Easter themed chocolates. Hershey’s amazing collection includes – candy coated Easter eggs, Hershey’s milk chocolate eggs, extra creamy milk chocolate eggs, milk chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, Hershey’scookie ’n’ crème eggs, Hershey’s milk chocolate mini bunnies , Hershey’s build-a-bunny milk chocolate, Hershey’s solid milk chocolate bunny, milkchocolate hollow bunny, Easterbunnies multi-pack and Hershey’s Easter miniatures.




The rich, luxurious of this creamy, chocolaty treat is irresistible. Lindt chocolates are a rage all over the world. The adorable Easter Collection by Lindt is a true delight. Check out the super cute milk chocolate carrots, mini milk chocolate gold bunny, milk chocolate mini ducklings, milkchocolate bugs and bees, milk chocolate mini lambs, milk chocolate little chicks, gold bunnymilk chocolate basket , tractorbunny, milk chocolate chick, milkchocolate mini eggs and milkchocolate truffle eggs.


May this Holiday bring healing and spread happiness to the world.


Happy Easter!


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