March 02, 2021

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Deep Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

If you are obsessed with cleaning, hydrogen peroxide is your answer. For all your cleaning requirements, from kitchen to toilet and everything in between, hydrogen peroxide is the go-to product. Moreover, with all the cleaners available in the market, you can never be too sure of the chemicals these cleaners contain, and what would be the lasting effect of these super-strong chemicals. Thankfully, with hydrogen peroxide, you can make most of the cleaning solutions at home, and in a jiffy. And you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how inexpensive it is.


Here are a few cleaning recipes made of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning different things around the house.


Before you start using hydrogen peroxide, here are a few important things you must know. For cleaning purposes, you need three percent hydrogen peroxide that you can get from a pharmacy. Food grade hydrogen peroxide is way stronger, which can be used too, but you wouldn’t really need that kind of concentration for cleaning. Another important thing to remember is that you must store hydrogen peroxide in dark containers only, that too in a cool, dry place. If hydrogen peroxide gets exposed to heat, it turns into water. And the most important thing, do not alter the recipes given below to add something not mentioned in the recipe. Hydrogen peroxide can react with several products like vinegar etc. which can have adverse effects. 


For cleaner dishes


You’ll need:


Hydrogen peroxide – Quarter cup

Lemon – 8-10 drops


Add these two ingredients to the rinse aid box of your dishwasher along with your regular soap, and get cleaner and fresher smelling dishes.


Cleaner floors


You’ll need:


Hydrogen peroxide – 1 cup

Water – 1 cup


Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray and mop. Not only will your floor be cleaner but it will be sanitized too. Use a spray mop, it’ll be super easy and convenient. Avoid using hydrogen peroxide on dark colored stone floor as over time it can become discolored.


Cleaner clothes


You’ll need:


Hydrogen peroxide – 1 cup

Baking soda – half cup

Lemon juice – quarter cup

Lemon essential oil – 8-10 drops

Water – 8-9 cups


Mix all the ingredients and store this solution in a dark colored jar. You can use 1 cup of this solution in place of bleach for whiter and brighter clothes.


Cleaner toilets


You’ll need:


Hydrogen peroxide – 1 cup

Water – 1 cup


Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray on the washbasin, toilet bowl and floor. Scrub and wash. 


Cleaner everything


You’ll need:


Hydrogen per oxide  – 1 cup

Water – 2 cups

Lemon essential oil  – 10-12 drops


Make your own all-purpose cleaner cum disinfectant. Pour the ingredients in a spray bottle. You can clean all surfaces with this all-purpose cleaner.


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