March 21, 2021

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How To Make Manure Out Of Ground Coffee


The next time you brew your coffee, keep the residual coffee grounds. Coffee makes excellent manure for plants providing them essential minerals and nutrients. In fact, ground coffee is one of the richest sources of nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for photosynthesis in plants. Here are some important tips to help you make a rich, healthy diet of used coffee grounds for your plants.


·         Do not use flavored coffee or any coffee that has synthetic additives. Use regular coffee only. If the coffee is organic, all the more better.

·         Brewed coffee grounds are better than raw coffee grounds since brewing helps break nutrients which further makes it easier for plants to absorb.

·         Every time you brew a pot, you can sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil.

·         If you have more coffee grounds than you can use at a time, store the extra grounds in mesh bags and leave them for drying. Once the grounds are dry, you can store them in a container and use later. This way you can share your extra manure with your neighbors or done it to the local farm who’ll happily receive it.

·         You can also use your coffee grounds in the compost caddy. Do not forget to add filter.

·         You can soak (brewed) ground coffee in water and leave it overnight. Use that water for plants in the morning. This will naturally fertilize your plants.


With ground coffee’s nutrition your plants will stay hail and heathy. You will be able to see the change when the leaves become more vibrant green and beautiful. Coffee will also aid in the production of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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