June 16, 2021

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Foot Care Routine For Soft, Beautiful Feet

Our feet are enclosed in our shoes throughout the day, which can make them prone to dry skin, cracked heels and even painful calluses. You can follow this simple routine to make sure your feet stay soft, happy and healthy always.

Exfoliate your feet

As time-taking as it sounds, you can make it really fast. Once you step in the shower, make sure to use a foot scrub or regular body scrub to get the dirt off the surface. If a scrub sounds too much (both in terms of time and effort), simply use a foot wash  or a foot soap. Anything that might have accumulated on your foot skin will be washed off.

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Clean the cuticles

Take a quick second to clear out Along with this, use a loofah to scrub your feet in circular motions using your regular bathing bar/soap.   

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Moisturize your feet

Use a foot cream after drying your feet. Foot creams will make sure that your feet get the needed moisture.

Finally, wear a clean pair of your favorite socks and you’re done!

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While this time bound routine can be easily followed on a daily basis, you can tempt your feet to a foot bath using a foot bath machine every once in a while. Simply add some rock salt and a squeeze of lemon juice to the lukewarm water in your wash and dip your feet in for 20-25 minutes. Make sure to moisture afterwards and you’ll have baby soft feet!


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