June 01, 2021

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What shopping personality are you?

Each of us have a set way of shopping; whether you ration up monthly with only the products you really need or if you buy whatever you desire, whenever you do, there are always methods that you can use to save up and make sure your money is spent more efficiently between the grocery store aisles. Here’s how to turn your shopping habits into more effective ones:


The no-budget budgeter: If you tend to go beyond your grocery list and end up sending way more than you had planned for, start paying with cash instead of plastic money. Every time you go grocery shopping, make sure to take a set amount of cash with you to the store- that way you’ll have no choice but to stick to the budget (even though those new toothbrush holders they had were way cuter than the ones you have at home).


The bargainer: If you have a habit of looking for cheaper alternatives and brands for items on your shopping list like plastic containers and electric appliances, don’t. Trust the hundreds of shopping surveys out there and invest in good quality crockery and appliances so that you don’t end up returning to the stores two days later because your products already wore down. Though of course, if you get the same item in similar quality at a lower range- buy that; don’t go chasing the more expensive item because there’s a Supreme logo stamped on it.


The ‘it’s nearly Easter weekend sale time’ shopper: If you’re one to always wait for incoming sales, here’s a more stable and reliable method to get discounts in nearly all the stores you shop from, throughout the year: download GeoQpons from your play store/ app store and simply search for your desired store to avail the discounts available. This not only gives you access to a wider range of discounts but also saves you from scamming sales which increase the product prices only to cut them down to the original price in the name of a discount.


 The millennial: If you use online shopping frequently, make sure to educate yourself on the cash backs that both your card and online store offer. The amount of returns might not seem significant at first, but they can add up pretty well over time and help you save a reasonable number of times.


The cart-over-loader: If you have a habit of revisiting grocery stores often for just that one item you forgot to buy or that one item that recently came to mind, cut the cart; don’t pick up a shopping cart or a basket when you have to purchase three or less items. If you have a basket in hand, before you know it, it will be filled with products you didn’t even need in the first place.

The dearie regular customer: Lastly, when filling up on the monthly rations- if you visit that one known store that you’ve been a regular customer at, try experimenting with a less expensive store in the area. Visit the less expensive store first to buy a majority of items off of your shopping list and then a slightly more expensive store for the products you couldn’t find from before or the products that you’re sure are better here. This would mean that you cut down on a significant cost for the products purchased from the first store.






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