June 19, 2020

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Practical Tips That Will Help Sort Life And Finances

The economy was bad already and with the Covid-19 top-up, things don’t look good for a long time now. It could take months or even years for things to get back on track. With pay cuts and even job cuts, it’s time to introspect, understand and make changes that make sailing through easy and smooth.

If you’ve been struggling with the thought as well, here are a few tips that will help you get things in order.

  1. Do I really need it?

Ask yourself whenever you feel the strong urge to buy something. Also, ask the question before you make a decision that affects your life. Many a times we end up buying things or doing things because we see others doing it, and we are too keen to fit in. In fact, that is not how you fit in, ever. Do what you really want to do in life, buy what you need – just don’t be carried away by your impulsive reflexes. A practical way of trying this would be by writing it down. Penning it down cuts out most of the irrelevant peripheral thoughts and you focus on the point you need to deliberate on.

  1. Delay your decision

Now that you have written the problem down, don’t hurry yourself with finding solutions. Give it time, say a day. This will give you time to think from different perspectives, and see things more logically than emotionally.

  1. Follow the one-minute rule

Read ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin? Here’s the take away from the book – if a task takes less than a minute to do, do it. Keep things where they belong, hang the coat, reply a text, switch off the printer, put the lid back on. These mundane tasks keep piling on and over a period of time, can become overwhelming. Save yourself the time, effort and money that you will later spend in making things right.

  1. More and less
There are habits you need to nurture, and then there are habits you need shun.

Take a little more vegetable in the dinner. One more glass of water, some more exercise, more fruits.

Lesser sugar, lesser soda, lesser clothes, lesser screen time, lesser drama, lesser worrying…

Make your own ‘More and less’ list.

  1. Budget

You’ve probably heard it a zillion times before, but remember, budgeting actually is an essential step towards sort life and finances. Write down how much money you have, how much do you spend rent and utilities, how much on food, how much on socializing and how much can you spare for savings. If you have the numbers clear in your head, you will be able to practice self-control when it comes to impulse buying and reckless spending.

  1. Organize your calendar

Digital calendars are a blessing. You can schedule all of it – exercise, doctor’s appointment, client meet, birthdays, bills etc. The best part, you’ll get reminders for whatever event you choose to get reminder of.

  1. Coupons

Never underestimate the power of coupons. If you carefully plan and use a coupon every time you buy something, grocery or fashion, you will realize that you save a substantial amount. Get your coupons here – http://www.geoqpons.com/.



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