June 22, 2020

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The Secret of Happy Mornings

What is it like for you to wake up on a weekend morning? Does your kitchen chime with blithe conversations, chuckles from sibling banter, manifestly teenage drama, or all of it together? Do you savor the morning light with simple family time?

Happy mornings go a long way to make happy people. As a matter of fact, our mornings can set the tone for the entire day. If you wake up stressed, changing your tone for rest of the day will require serious conscious effort. Similarly, a good morning can lend us the lens of positivity and strength to deal with life through the day. Not to imply that it’ll take off your worries or solve your troubles for you, but it will put you in the right frame of mind giving you the serenity and space to have a perspective. Research shows that starting your day on a positive note is directly correlated to well-being throughout the day.

That said, many of us struggle with our mornings. There’s mad rush with the morning chores, food, getting ready, rushing to work, and the burden of the to-do list weighing us down even before we’ve literally started our day. So, how does the happy-morning thing practically workout when we don’t even have the time to be happy?

While you cannot cut down on the chores or get extra time in the mornings, there are ways that can help ease the rush and make your mornings a little more zen.

  1. Let the morning light in

Morning sun is good for health. Morning sunlight brings in the cozy warmth enabling the body’s natural thermoregulation process which helps the regulation of cortisol, or the stress hormone. Sunlight also helps in the production of serotonin, or the happy hormone that uplifts our mood. Interestingly, people with seasonal depression and sleep disorders are given the ‘light-therapy’, specialized lamps that provide the effect of sunlight minus UV rays. Additionally, morning sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which helps boost our immunity.

Drag the curtains, let the light in. If it’s spring or summer, open the windows and let fresh air in. It will fill your house with a natural vigor and a vibrant energy.

  1. Make your bed

This may not sound like the wisest advice for a good start to the day. Ironically, research has proven that people who make their bed in the morning tend to be positive, confident and sociable. While people who do not make their bed in the morning tend to be shy, moody and sarcastic. Additionally, making your bed in the morning is a habit recommended by many successful people. It gives you the feeling of accomplishment in the morning.

  1. Exercise

Running, stretching, gym, CrossFit, Pilates, yoga, breathing exercises, do whatever works for you. Do it. From physical fitness to immunity to serotonin to mental wellbeing, exercise helps it all. It’s the magic mantra that will put a lot of things in place.

Make exercise a habit. Your body needs it, your mind needs it too.

  1. Manage your routine

You cannot expect yourself to be all Zen when there’s a pile of work pending, you have cooking to do, dishes, tidying, hurrying for office etc. you need to manage your routine. Start a day prior. When you are back from work, keep things in place. Do the tidying around the house at night. Do the dishes, clean the kitchen before you sleep. Manage meals during the weekends. You can have prep done for the entire week and keep it in the freezer. That should save half you cooking time. Encourage kids to keep morning clothes, books, bag etc. ready the night prior.

Once you are prepared and have a plan for the day, you won’t be running around to catch up on time in the morning.

  1. Aromatherapy

If you need a jumpstart to your day, the morning essential oils can help usher in the energy and positivity, giving you the right start. Citrus fragrances (lemon, orange etc.) help regulate serotonin. Peppermint and rosemary bring in energy and alertness. Add a dash of cinnamon and ginger, and you’ll get the perfect blend for the perfect morning.

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  1. Have a healthy breakfast

Some fresh juice with balanced proteins and carbs, have a healthy and hearty breakfast. It’s important for your metabolism and energy, which needs the right nutrition to get started and roll for the day. Healthy breakfast will not only boost health but will keep you elevated and energetic for the entire day. Balancing your meals and water intake will also help you manage acidity, an acute condition bothering almost 60 million Americans (according to a study published in The Washington Post).



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