June 27, 2020

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Tips To Increase Efficiency And Save Money On Air Conditioning

Summer’s back. This time around it’s the Covid summer, which means people are mostly home. With the temperature soaring, air conditioning brings in a huge relief. On the flip side, air conditioning can turn out to be very costly, especially if you are going to use it throughout summer.

If you are facing the same concern, read on for tips that will help you save money on the air conditioning.

  1. Keep the curtains drawn and lights off

Keeping the curtains drawn during daytime helps keep the warmth of sunlight from entering the house, making your air conditioning both efficient and effective, which directly translates to saving costs.

Keeping lights turned off directly affects the energy bill savings. As is, you do not need all the lights turned on during daytime.

  1. Be Regular on maintenance

We tend to ignore our ACs until we need them. A poorly maintained AC unit may consume more energy to keep the space cool. More energy means higher bills.

  1. Go outdoors

If you have a outdoor swimming pool, covered patio, garden with sprinklers, use those spaces for some time during the day to cool off.

  1. Use the evening breeze

Once the sun sets, and the pleasant evening breeze starts flowing, opening your windows will not only bring in natural cooling but also freshness. This would be a good time to turn the air conditioning off.

  1. Use fans where ever you can

Fans help regulate the cool air from the air conditioner, making the aircon’s job a whole lot easier and efficient. This way you can turn the aircon off for a while when the room is cool. This will help bring the energy bill down considerably.


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  1. Get a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat learns patterns and automatically adjusts cooling (and heating) according to usage pattern mostly based on whether the home is occupied or is about to be occupied. This helps contain the cooling (or heating) systems when the home is not occupied, bringing in significant savings when no one is home.


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