June 24, 2020

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Tips To Keep Hand Sanitizer In The Car During Summers

With the novel coronavirus pandemic receding, things might just have started to look normal, but that does not mean we can let our guard down. We still need to follow all preventive measures like sanitizing our hands, following social distancing etc.

Since hand sanitizing is the basic preventive measure, carrying a pet bottle of hand sanitizer may have become the norm, which translates to keeping an extra bottle of sanitizer in the car. The question arises – is it safe? With temperatures rising, does hand sanitizer, when exposed to direct sunlight, cause problems? More importantly, as circulated on social media, can hand sanitizer explode with heat in the car?

The answer is – NO. According to Brazil based Aos Fatos and Verifica, for the hand sanitizer to combust, the temperature inside the vehicle would have to rise up to 572-degree Fahrenheit. In a different study by Arizona State University, cars parked in the hot sun may reach to a maximum temperature of 160-degree Fahrenheit. So clearly, the hand sanitizer is highly unlikely to cause a fire in the car parked in blazing sun, unless induced by some other factor like exposure to an open flame.

However, hand sanitizers should be stored away from direct sunlight for different reasons altogether. Hand sanitizers are essentially made of alcohol-based (isopropanol and/or ethyl) which can evaporate due to heat. This degrades the sanitizer’s potency, meaning it might not be as effective in killing germs. One should keep the sanitizer away from direct sunlight. That said, the 60 percent or more of the sanitizer’s content is alcohol, you need to be mindful of how you are keeping it. for instance, never keep the sanitizer alongside the lighter, or flammable equipment. Instead, keep the sanitizer in a cool, shaded place like the glove box, or side pockets of the doors.

The conclusion, hand sanitizers are safe in your car if not exposed to direct flame, and to keep the sanitizer effective and working, you must store it away from direct light.

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