February 27, 2021

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Home-Made Natural Cleaner For Fresh Produce

The freshest, brightest and juiciest fruits and vegetables can become a health hazard if not washed and cleaned properly. From strains of viruses that can be active on the surface of produce, to traces of insecticides and pesticides that can be found on fresh produce even after it is washed with plain water, your fresh produce can be home to high-risk substances that you would never otherwise expose your family to.


To wash off the pesticides, insecticides, viruses and bacteria on the surface of fresh produce, you can get veggie wash from the store. Most of these are equipped to wash fresh produce to make them chemical and virus free. However, these solutions can be very costly, especially over a period of time.


An easy and convenient way of ridding your vegetables and fruits of the chemicals, wax and virus on the surface is by soaking them in salt water. Take a spoon full of table salt, mix it in half a bucket of water and soak your veggies for about 30 minutes. After half an hour, take the fruits and veggies out of salt water, rinse them well in running water to wash off the salt. Dry them in the open and store. Make sure you drain off the water before storing them in the refrigerator, or the fruits and vegetables will wilt, worse go bad sooner.


Another great way to sanitize and clean your fresh produce is by making a natural veggie wash at home. It’s simple, quick and all natural. Best part, you will probably find all of these things in your pantry.


Things required:

1-liter distilled water

200 ml white vinegar

Half teaspoon lemon essential oil

Dark glass spray bottle


Mix all the ingredients in a container and mix well. Pour the solution-mix in the glass spray bottles.


Dark colored glass bottle is recommended since vinegar can react with plastic over time, and a transparent bottle allows light through which can alter the properties of the lemon essential oil. Once you pour the solution in the bottle, store it in a dry, dark place, like inside a cabinet. To use the solution, spray it over the fresh produce. Make sure the veggies are completely drenched in the solution. Keep the veggies aside for 10 minutes, then rinse well. Dry the veggies and store.


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