February 26, 2021

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Everything You Need To Know About Freezing Food


As per various studies conducted, consuming home-cooked meals on a regular basis makes a person heathier, both physically and mentally. Home cooked meals also decrease the consumption of unnecessary sugar and saturated fats that are added to take-out meals and processed foods. You would be surprised to know that home cooked meals help you save on a lot of time. If you spend a little time and effort on planning and freezing food even one day in a week, you’ll be able to work quick meals throughout the week. Not to mention, this would be a whole lot easier on your wallet as compared to takeout.


That said, not everyone has the time to plan and cook meals on a daily basis. Which is why a stocked-up pantry and frozen food can be the savior. In this post we will take you through the detailed procedure of storing frozen food that will save you tons of time and money, and provide you with almost instant healthy home-cooked meals.


Pro tip – When storing food in the freezer, store the equivalent of the quantity you will need for one meal in one bag and make bags for the entire week like wise. This will help you take out what you need without disturbing the rest. Use zip-lock bags for best results.



Use veggies for salads, stews, pot meals, casseroles and on the sides of meat preparations.   


Vegetables that can be chopped and stored in the freezer


·         Bell peppers (sliced or diced)

·         Onions (chopped or diced, both red and white)

·         Zucchini (diced, grated or noodle cut)

·         Carrots (chopped)

·         Broccoli (cut for salads and cooked dishes)

·         Green beans (chopped)

·         Cauliflower (cut for salads and cooked dishes)

·         Corn (on the cob and kernels)

·         Celery (cut)

·         Spinach (raw or parboiled)

·         Peas (pods)

·         Sweet potato (par boiled and sliced)

·         Pumpkin (pureed)



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Breads, cookies and doughs

You’ll be surprised as to how well baked food stays in the freezer. You take it out, thaw and warm it, your bread will be as soft and good as new. Stock-up your freezer with these:


·         Loaf of bread

·         Tortillas

·         Buns

·         Bread roll

·         Pita bread

·         Naan bread

·         Pizza base


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·         Pizza dough

·         Cookie dough

·         Bread dough


Baked treats 

·         Cookies

·         Brownies

·         Cheesecake

·         Pies

·         Cake

·         Cup cake



·         English muffins

·         Pancakes

·         Waffles

·         French toast


Condiments, accompaniments and add-ons 

·         Chocolate chips

·         Marshmallows

·         Shredded or grated coconut

·         Peanut butter chips

·         Breadcrumbs

·         Nuts

·         Candies

·         Jams and fruit preserves

·         Broth

·         Tomato puree

·         Herbs

·         Citrus zest


Fresh fruits

Storing fresh fruits is a great idea. Thawed fruits can be great with meals. You can also make milk shake or smoothie bags wherein each bag can contain the ingredients of smoothie for the day. When you feel like having your smoothie, just take the bag out, blend the contents of the bag and you’re good to go.

·         Berries

·         Cherries

·         Grapes (take the stem off)

·         Watermelon (only as sorbet)

·         Banana (peeled)

·         Lemons

·         Apples (cot and sprinkle it with a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon to keep them from getting brown)

·         Peaches

·         Pineapples (diced or cut into slices)



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·         Ham (sliced)

·         Ground beef

·         Chicken (diced, breasts, thighs or whole chicken)

·         Chicken (boiled and shredded)

·         Turkey (diced, sliced or whole)

·         Deli meat

·         Burger patties

·         Bacon

·         Fish

·         Shrimp, scallops

·         Crab, lobster

·         Meat balls

·         Pork (loin)

·         Sausages


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