February 04, 2021

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Valentine's Day – Spread The Love

Valentine’s Day has always been the day that celebrates love, ever since Saint Valentine manifested the need to love and laid his life for it. And now, when the world’s falling apart, we need the magic of love to heal everything around, from broken hearts to scarred relationships, to impaired humanity, and a distressed planet. We need love more than ever.

If Valentine's Day means more than just romance to you, here are small gestures of love and kindness that will make a big difference to the lives they touch.

Go on little cupid, spread the love!


Valentine's Day Candies 

For the kids in the hospital, homeless people, old people in retirement home, old couple in the neighborhood, lonely lady in the park, liftman, janitor in your office, basically a stranger in need.


Little Gifts of For Little and Not-So-Little Girls and Boys


For nieces and nephews, you haven’t been in touch with, kids in your neighborhood, kids suffering terminal illnesses, kids with special needs, children residing in prison with their mother, basically any child who could use a little act of kindness with a topping of selfless love.







Pet Love

A little dose of love for our furry friends – your neighbor’s pet, adoption home, abandoned pets in hospitals and shelters, basically anything with paws (and claws, and hooves)..




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