February 24, 2021

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Work-From-Home Makeup Hacks

The dilemma is genuine – makeup or no-makeup for work-from-home office. While the concern about unnecessarily layering up your face is valid, beauty experts and fashionistas feel differently. As per specialists, you need basic beauty routine even for WFH, especially if you are working via video calls where your face is the focal point. If the idea of wearing makeup is unsettling, here are some tips for basic primping, to look as confident and professional working-from-home, as you did in office. 


Adjust lighting

Where there’s a camera involved, you’ll have to play around with light. Choose a place where light comes on your face. This will instantly brighten up your face. If there’s a window that you can open for natural light, sit with your face towards the window. If there’s no window around where your workstation is, adjust the light/lamp to focus on your face. Light focusing on your back will cast a shadow, make your face look hazy, even tired.

Here’s how you should prep your skin for video calls:

·         The texture of your skin is seen very clearly on the camera, hence it’s important your skin looks healthy. Start with scrubbing your skin with a good scrub or exfoliator that removes dead skin and brings out fresh, glowing skin.

·         After having cleansed your skin well, hydrate it with a light moisturizer or hydrating mist .

·         To add to the glow, you can also use radiance pads  that will make your skin look stunning.


Once you’ve prepped your skin, it’s time to add a little definition to the features. Use pencil  for the brows. Subtly define the contours of your face with a bronzer. Top it off with a concealer on the fine lines which are more clearly visible on the camera. Lightly brush a little concealer below your eyes to get photo finish look on your face.

One last important thing, you want your skin to look healthy and glowing and not cakey and chalky. Keep it subtle, keep it simple. Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water and eat greens, because healthy body equals healthy skin. Stay beautiful!


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