February 24, 2021

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Quirky Ways To Propose


Proposing on Valentine's Day can be cliché, but your proposal doesn’t necessarily have to be. If you are looking for some quirky ideas to propose, here are some of the best for inspiration.

·         Place a newspaper ad


·         Flash Mob (choir) on the subway


Have a professional choir take the subway with her. Then all of a sudden they break into this really romantic song.


·         Drone 


         Pizza proposal


To be honest, this is a little cheesy, but what the heck, if pizza’s your first love, why not?


·         Love’s the medicine


Keep this medicine box in your med cabinet. Or any other place where she is sure to check out this suspiciously new box of drugs.

·         Have your furry friend deliver the message 


·         Run route proposal


If she’s into running, plan a run with her. After the run, you can ask her to check out the run stats on the running app.

·         Meme proposal


Meme’s can be very witty. Get your creativity hat on and go. Here are some memes for your inspiration.


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