February 24, 2021

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Organizing Your Car


Little receipts, soda cups, used tissues, half used water bottles, and a trunk full of kids’ sports stuff balls, runners, and so much more; once you start cleaning your car you realize how much junk is stuffed in that you didn’t know of. Organizing your car is just like organizing your pantry or wardrobe; with the right organizing material, you can do wonders with tidying up the clutter and making it systematic. 


Start with the glove box.

Neatly store all the important papers in a folder. Keep some pens and a small notepad. Add a pack of face wipes, hand wipes  and a box of tissues. Although given the pandemic, many people got accustomed to keeping a sanitizer in the car, but there have been some cases of sanitizers exploding in the car due to over-heat. Some reports say that this is a hoax and for sanitizers to explode minimum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a lot higher than the average temperature on a hot day in the southern states. That said, sanitizers are made of alcohol which is highly inflammable, and it’s not worth the risk. Carry anti-bacterial hand wipes. They should do the job just fine. If you are going on a road trip, then carry a disinfectant hand wash instead of sanitizer.


These individually wrapped hand wipes and face wipes are ideal for the car, they will not dry up after opening like they normally do. 

One last important addition to the glove box is a small first aid kit. Welly quick fix kit  is ideal, it’s compact and has all the essentials for a quick fix.


Next comes your car visor. You can stitch something that works for your specific requirement. 


 or get a car visor organizer that neatly arranges your important stuff.

Use cable ties  to sort out the cord clutter.


These seat wedges are perfect for holding your tablet, smartphone, book, newspaper etc. 

Choose a backseat organizer as per your needs.




Trunk organizers help fix the mess in your trunk. 


You can use wardrobe organizers if you have some to spare. Recycled cardboard boxes can also make good organizers. Or choose from a wide variety of organizers for your trunk. 






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