May 04, 2021

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15 Interesting Mommy Facts For Mother’s Day


Although, we don’t need a day to celebrate mothers, but still this Holiday means a lot since this one day we all stop for a while and think about the beautiful women who directly and indirectly shaped our lives and still continue to give us the love and strength whenever we need it the most.


Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Mother’s Day.

1.    Carnations are the most popular flowers for Mother’s Day. It is believed that the petals of carnation were created of the tears of Mother Mary as she wept on the feet of crucified Jesus on the cross.


2.    According to the Mother of Mother’s Day the founder Anna Jarvis, who was quoted on an interview in 1927, “the carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying.”


3.    If you are buying carnations for your mother, buy pink or red. White carnations are for mothers who have passed away.


4.    According to research, when a child learns to manipulate the air escaping from their mouth and produce speech sounds, ‘mm’ or ‘muh’ is the first sound that is produced. That is why most languages have the word ‘mother’ starting with ‘m’.


5.    Babies can smell their mother’s presence within a few meters, and often they stop crying smelling their mother around.


6.    UK celebrates ‘Mothering Sunday’ and not ‘Mother’s Day’. Mothering Sunday is the last Sunday of March. If you work it backwards, the 4th Sunday of March is approximately 9 months before 25th December, the birth of Jesus.


7.    Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day, fought for years to make this a nation-wide Holiday. She abhorred the commercialization of this Holiday, did not accept any promotion opportunities given to her, rather spent her own money for the campaign. She eventually died bankrupt and alone at the age of 85.


8.    Anna Jarvis, the woman who struggled all her life to make a meaningful Holiday celebrating motherhood, was not a mother herself.


9.    According to a survey conducted in 2017, what a mom really wants is to go out for a meal with the family, some nice place. She doesn’t want to cook or be at home, wants to dress up and go some place nice.


10.  Incidentally, this also happens to be one of the busiest dining-out day in America.


11.  Around the 1920s, French Government used to give medals to women who mothered large families as the country had lost a majority of its population in World War I. Later, the last Sunday of May was declared as Mother’s Day.


12.  Mother’s Day consistently remarks the maximum amount of phone calls made in a day in America.


13.  When a mother is with her baby, the baby’s heartbeat synchronizes with the mother’s.


14.  Mommy octopus is perhaps the most dedicated mother there is. Once she lays eggs, she sits there and protects the eggs. She doesn’t leave the egg for any reason at all, not even for food. Octopus mothers are known to eat their own arms, but not leave their eggs.


15.  Mommy and baby seals recognize each-others voice. They can identify each-other’s voice even amongst thousands of seals. If they separated, they keep calling out until they find each other.


Happy Mother’s Day!

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