May 27, 2021

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Essentially Good Stuff – Essential Oils For Hair Care

You’d be surprised how much goodness those little bottles of aromatic oils can be filled with. From controlling anxiety, boosting secretion of good hormones, relieving blocked sinuses, healing acne to revitalizing skin and so much more, essential oils are almost like magic potions in little bottles.

While there’s so much you can do with essential oils, this article focuses on hair care. Here’s how essential oils can be used for soft, lustrous mane.

Hair Growth

·       Peppermint oil has a cooling sensation, which when applied on scalp, stimulates blood circulation thereby promoting hair growth. You can either buy hair oil that has peppermint oil in it or mix it in a base oil like coconut oil, jojoba or shea butter oil


Treating Dry Damaged hair

·        Pollution, underlying medical condition, chemical treatments etc. can dry up your hair’s natural moisture and elasticity making it rough, dry and brittle. Ylang-ylang oil helps boost sebum production making hair stronger and improving its texture. To apply ylang-ylang oil on your hair, mix a couple of drops in two tablespoons of base oil like coconut oil, gently message it into the scalp and wrap up in a warm towel. Leave it sitting in the warm towel for over 30 minutes, and then wash. 



·        Another great oil for treating damage is lemongrass oil. With antifungal and antibacterial properties, lemongrass oil is very efficient in treating dry, flaky and itchy scalp, alongside working on the strength of your hair. 




Removing Excess Oil

·        Some people have excess sebum secretion which can often make hair greasy, clog hair follicles and reduce hair growth. Excess build-up can also make scalp itchy or even develop dandruff. Teatree oil  is an excellent scalp cleanser. Mix a few drops (5-6) of tea tree essential oil in a carrier oil like olive, almond or coconut oil, message on to the scalp and wrap a warm towel. Wash after 15-20 minutes.


Treating Dull and Frizzy Hair

·        Filled with the goodness of the basil plant, sweet basil oil is excellent for providing natural moisture and shine to hair. Use regularly to get rid of frizz permanently.




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