May 16, 2021

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Beauty Secrets They’ll Never Tell You

While those pretty faces in beauty product ads and their tempting marketing might be able to convince you to buy the product, what they don’t tell you is the real secret behind the that amazing hair or flawless skin. Interestingly these beauty secrets are so basic that you’d be surprised that something so simple can make a difference. But if you inculcate these as habits in your daily routine, you will see the magic work.


Leave your face alone

Most of us so used to touching our faces that we don’t even realize it. But if you consciously count it, you’d be surprised at how much you do it. Your hands are toughing surfaces all the time, and every time you touch your face, you transfer a load of germs and bacteria, which then translates into pimples, acne, blackheads etc.


Never pick pimples or blackheads 

If you are a pimple picker, you need to stop immediately. Picking pimples can lead to pigmentation. Use pimple stickers instead. If your skin is prone to acne, use a cleanser and moisturizer that is especially made to soothe and rejuvenate acne-prone skin.


Practice cleanliness 

You probably know how much bacteria your makeup brushes can harbor, but did you also know that your hand-towel and pillow can be breeding grounds for bacteria too? And according to a study conducted by scientists at the University of Arizona, your hand-held phone is ten times filthier than a toilet seat. So, every time you get your face close to something, think how clean it is. Wash your hand-towels every alternate day, and your pillow covers at least one a week. Use sanitizing wipes  or UV sanitizing box to rid your phone of all the dirt and filth.


Use a SPF based moisturizer all year round 

Whether you see the sun or not, its radiation affects your skin irrespective of the season. Using a SPF moisturizer that suits your skin can help curb the damage done to your skin on a daily basis. It can also slow down the process of skin aging, making your skin younger.


Treat your neck the same way you treat your face

The skin on your neck needs to be taken care of the same way you pamper your face. Use the same creams and lotions that you use on your face. Neck can often show signs of aging way earlier than the face, so it actually needs to be taken care of even more.


Stay hydrated

While all of us know it, but most don’t practice it as consistently. Drinking water should be a habit, and the easiest way to form this habit is by keeping a reusable water bottle in your purse or carry-along bag. This habit will help the environment by doing away with disposable plastic bottles, while it keeps you hydrated through the day. If you are still forgetting to drink water, you can download a water reminder app on your smart phone which will remind you to have water in regular intervals.


Use an old t-shirt to dry your hair

Drying hair with towel after a hair-wash  can make your hair dry and frizzy. Use either an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel to gently wrap your hair in.

Condition your lashes   

You can use castor oil  to make your lashes thick and long naturally, or use an eyelash serum to condition your lashes.

Exercise daily

Remember, beautiful flowing hair or flawless, glowing skin, or beautiful nails, how your features look on the outside reflects your health on the inside. Exercising daily flushes out your toxins, keeps muscles activated and rejuvenates your body on the whole. Additionally, exercise also releases happy hormones that help keep your mood fresh and body healthy.

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