May 25, 2021

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How To Make High Heels Less Painful For You


Love those heels but hate the way they make your feet feel? You’re not alone. Women across the world continue to wear high heels, even if hurts. Imagine what would dressing up for a party be like without those gorgeous stilettoes.

While we can’t do away with our heels, we can, although, train the pretty demons. Game? Read on.

1.      Always wear the right size. A little too tight or even slightly loose and you can end up with serious pain or even an accident. Either ways, even if you manage to avoid the accident, you’ll be walking very awkwardly. Wearing heels is about grace, so buy something only if it fits. Always try on the shoe, and get the one that hugs your foot perfectly fine.


Stick a layer of non-slip grip pads underneath the soles.

3.      If you are not habitual to wearing heels, take small steps.

4.      If you are wearing closed toes, put inserts to provide some cushioning. You can also use invisible socks or silicon straps.

5.      Never wear new shoes while going out. Wear thick socks and walk around them in the house for a couple of days. Put shoes in a plastic bag and keep them in the freezer for a while or stuff it with plastic bags containing ice. Once the shoes are seasoned for your feet, wear them out.

6.      While this may sound a little cliché, it’s actually smart to time your heels, for instance choose comfort for the commute and just before you enter the venue, quickly switch.

7.       This one’s pretty common, but it works like magic. Tape your third and fourth toes together. This will reduce the pressure on the balls of your feet, making even your most torturous shoes less painful.


8.      Although we all do it already while we walk, but just in case you are doing it differently, practice walking heel first, heel then toe. Practice, it works.

9.      Don’t take off your heels in the middle of the day. The minute you take your heels off, chances are that your feet will swell up. Putting your feet back in the shoes will become even more difficult and painful.

10.  Always keep adhesive bandages in your purse. The minute your shoe starts hurting, stick the bandage, don’t wait for the blister to get bad. This will prevent the blister going deeper and provide immediate relief.






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