May 06, 2021

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Sleeping Like A Baby – The Secret’s In Your Bed


You know how while looking through a magazine or surfing something, you come across a bed that’s so inviting that you want to jump right in? I recently took to working on my sleep situation, researched, tried different things, tested what works and what doesn’t, and concluded the secret’s in your bed. You need to have season appropriate bedding, with thoughtfully picked up fabrics, textures and colors; in fact, a whole lot of stuff that I never imagined, matters.


If you are also looking for ways to get a good night’s sleep, read on. There are tips and techniques to help you make the perfect bed, that pleasant, inviting absolutely comfortable bed.

Start with your mattress


Now selecting the right mattress for you is nothing like regular shopping. You need to know what suits you the best. It would depend on your sleeping position, body weight, your preference of the material, thickness etc. You can refer to a detailed mattress buying guide But to briefly take you through the main factors to be considered while buying your mattress, here’s a quick list:


Budget – Cheapest may not necessarily be the best option. Quality matters especially in mattresses since it’s directly linked to health. Look for something within the range of $700-1300 for a standard queen size. Even if you are buying a single mattress or kids’ mattress, don’t look at anything below $400, you wouldn’t want to compromise on quality.


Material Preference – From memory foam to latex, there are a variety of options available for mattresses. Base your decision on the firmness you require, your sleeping position and your body weight. For instance, if you are a back sleeper you need a firmer mattress to support your back, while a side sleeper may need a softer mattress. A person with more body weight may need thicker layer of firm materials to support the weight.  


If you already have a mattress and don’t want to spend on a new one, you can simply get a topper, an added layer of your preferred material on top of your mattress.


Then comes the fitted sheet



Choose from a range of fabrics – silky satin, crisp cotton, linen, warm flannel or so on. The fitted sheet covers and protects the mattress, helps keep the bed tidy and the extra layer of fabric along with duvet gives the bed a cozy, comfortable look and feel. Use fitted sheet fasteners if you have to.


Many people use the flat sheet  with the fitted sheet. Personally, I like the touch of a soft, cozy blanket. But on the hind side using a flat sheet underneath your duvet ensures you do not have to wash the duvet as often. Whatever works for you.


The blanket and duvet to top it


For the blanket  I prefer something that’s soft and cozy. Also, the blanket adds a texture to the bed. Then add your duvet  on top to complete the look.


Pillows and you are done


Just like mattresses, finding the right pillows is also a huge task. You get wide range of pillows from firm support pillows to ultra-soft, and a whole range in between. Once you find the right thing, it’ll be so worth it.


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