May 30, 2021

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Healthy Habits That Actually Help Prevent Acne

A girl’s nightmare, acne can be an emotional affliction too. You may be using the best skin products, acne cleansing facewash,  treatment gel, following a proper acne preventing skin care routine and even applying pimple patches, but every now and then your skin keeps breaking out. While these products are created after tons of research, and most are effective in treating acne, but they won’t help prevent it, not by themselves. Preventing acne is not about that one-day treatment, but it is about lifestyle – habits that form into your day to day routine.



·         If you want to do away with acne forever, start with personal hygiene. Change your pillow covers every second day and your sheets at least twice weekly. If for some reason you are not able to change your pillow covers, wrap them in a clean sheet before you sleep.

·         Similarly, take a shower after working out. Do not wear sweaty clothes for long, shower and wash clothes immediately. Don’t keep the clothes for laundry day.

·         Keep your face clean. Don’t keep touch your face, your hands touch different surfaces all the time. You wouldn’t know what has bacteria and what doesn’t.

·         Clean your phone surface with disinfectant antibacterial wipes at least once daily.



·         Light steam on the face helps open pores up, post which cleaning will be more effective.

·         Do not over heat or over-expose skin to steam.

·         Do it twice or thrice a week.



·         You may have heard it hundreds of times already, but that’s because water is the key to good skin. Water naturally cleanses toxins from our system. You must drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water daily.



·         Cut down on artificial sugar. If you must, eat fruits, the natural sugars will satisfy your craving, while fiber and nutrients will do you good.


Eat Healthy

·         Cut down on fried, greasy and processed foods.

·         Eat fresh fruits, salads, smoothies and green veggies as much as you can.



·         Skin is the reflection of your inner system – healthy body is equal to healthy skin. Exercise keeps your body healthy, metabolism high and blood circulation going. All of these things reflect on your skin, your skin will be flawless and glowing if you take care of your body’s health too.


Healthy habits along with your dermatologist suggested skin remedy can rid you of the persistent acne problem.





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