May 08, 2021

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Makeup Hacks To Keep Your Natural Look On

Makeup should ideally enhance your natural features and not make your face look all cakey and overdone. Besides, natural-finish look is trending in 2021, so whether you call it minimal makeup look or your everyday-glam look, you are essentially talking flawless skin, a shy blush and enhanced features.


Digging the look already? Here’s what to do:

1.      Always start with prepping your skin. How you can’t make the window shine from the outside, if inside of the glass is dirty? Start with a scrub or skin cleanser that cleans your skin from the inside out, scrubs off dead skin and brings out the glow.

2.      Once the cleansing is done, put on the layers of hydration. Start with a toner and then apply a moisturizer followed by skin serum.

3.      Refrain from using powder, as this will make your face look cakey and obviously-made-up. If you must, use a non-matt or a hydrating primer. You can dab a little powder in the areas it will typically get oily.

4.      One important aspect of the natural-finish look is the undertone in the eyes. A thick liner or heavy lashed typically doll you up, but a little too much for the natural look. For naturally enhanced eyes, use nude tone eye shadow applied inside the crease with the thick blending brush. Instead of false lashes of heavy mascara, use light mascara preferably brown in color.

5.      To get the feathered brow look right, use the brow tamer or brow gel to keep the brows in place and then you can add to the volume with the brow pencil.

6.      Now it’s time for a dash of blush. Overdoing the blush will kill the charm of natural look and skipping it will make it too plain. Take a light touch of rosy blush on the tips of your fingers and gently apply it on the apples of your cheek.

7.      Lastly, ditch the lipstick for a subtler lip tint, lip oil, lip gloss or lip balm.


Do this, and you’ll have your natural look just right. Just a couple of things, be mindful of your skin type before buying any skin care product, and remember to clean your face with a makeup remover  at the end of the day. Applying a sheet mask can be both refreshing and rejuvenating for your skin. One last tip – stay hydrated and stay happy, it will reflect on your skin.


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