May 18, 2021

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The Secret To Shopping Wisely


Whether you are a seasoned shopper, impulse buyer, deal hunter or the casual window shopper, the one thing that you’d be attracted to, irrespective of your shopping personality, is additional savings. Everybody likes a buck or two saved, and quite honestly, it’s not rocket science either.


Here’s your secret to becoming a wise shopper, and you’re welcome!


1.      Advertised sales may not offer you the cheapest deals. Checkout other sites or stores before you buy.

2.      Buy staples in bulk. Don’t wait for the stock at home to get over. Pick up when you get a good deal.

3.      You can form a shopping group who can combine their shopping lists together and buy in bulk. This can especially work for back-to-school shopping.

4.      Almost all stores have a sale season or sale-cycle. Keep a tab on your favorite stores, and you’ll know when’s a good time to shop.

5.      Don’t dwell in self-pity while you are shopping. Buy something because you need it and not because ‘you deserve it’.

6.      While some stores have created their brand around being the ‘cheapest’, this may not be true for all products, all the time. Do compare prices, it takes fraction of a minute to check out other stores if you are shopping online.

7.      Largest pack price may not be the cheapest. Compare unit prices.

8.      Play the devil’s advocate while shopping. If you are tempted to buy something not on the list, think of reasons why you shouldn’t buy it, rather than giving yourself reasons why you should buy it.

9.      There’s always a discount. don’t be afraid to ask.

10.  Shop for gifts for special occasions and Holidays all year round, whenever you find the cheapest deal.

11.  Sign up for newsletters and promotional emails from your favorite stores. This way you can keep yourself updated of the latest offers.

12.  Try used or refurbished when you can. The beauty is that while with quality you can hardly tell the difference, the price difference will overwhelm you.

13.  If you are shopping online, avoid buying on the weekends. Weekdays are usually cheaper.

14.  Use your credit card for shopping. In case of return, credit cards get refunded faster than debit cards.

15.  Check your receipt. Many times, the price mentioned on the product may not be the same as what the teller scans. Sometimes stores do it on purpose and sometimes it’s an honest mistake. Either ways, you end up paying more. So, you must always cross check your receipt against each item you paid for.

16.  Be alert of the item placement. Stores usually place essentials high up, far back or down below. The items that are at eye level are mostly the ones that you generally don’t need but may end up buying because the thing tempts you.

17.  If you are shopping in the mall, try and connect to the store’s wi-fi as you enter it. As you connect with their wi-fi, you can get special discounts or deals from the specific store.

18.  When shopping online, leave items in your cart. This can activate some algorithms and you might be offered a deal or additional discount on your selection.

19.  Do check the return policy before you make the purchase.

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